Foreigner residents in Piedmont

Foreigner residents in Piedmont

At the beginning of 2019, foreigners residing in Piedmont numbered 427,911 (224,020 females; 203,891 males), 9.8% of the resident population. Non-EU residents are about 60% of the total of foreign citizens.

In Piedmont 176 different nationalities are represented (including EU ones) but the top 10 represent 75% of the total. The largest foreign community is made up of Romanian citizens. The most represented non-EU nationalities are Moroccan and Albanian. In recent years there have been some changes in attendance for national groups: a slight reduction in the Moroccan community, a historic presence in our region, and an increase in Nigerians, Senegalese, Egyptians, and Chinese.

Distribution in Piedmont> Data as of 31/12/2018 Source: Istat

Just over half of foreign citizens in Piedmont reside in the capital and in its metropolitan city. The provinces of Cuneo (14.28%) and Alessandria (10.95%) follow with significantly lower numbers.

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