Psychotherapy in English

(in Studio or Online)
Would you like to feel at home in Italy?

Psychotherapy in English

In few years the people that moved to Turin for job or family reasons have increased a lot. Besides them, there are many students that decide to stay in the city for short/long periods in the University or School programs.

Despite what the reasons are, the settlement is not so easy. Sometimes a specific vulnerability, in addiction a moment of pressure, can cause an explosion and turn to anxiety, panic attack, depression and- in general- emotional disorders.

All these symptoms are now well known as emigrant syndrome. Surely it is better do not to wait and search for a psychological support. In the best of cases in a few sessions you will be able to find your balance and learn how to built your new life with different tools or for example how to handle the anxiety that made hard all your path until now….or still, you can learn more about the Italian culture and how to fit your professional skills here.

We often miss our country because there was our home.

Psychotherapy in English

Moreover, in the Expat e Famiglie Miste Top project, you can find a network of different professionals as speech therapist, osteopath, naturopath, psychomotor that speak different languages. Write or call and i will be back to you soon.

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